I love to simplify, refine, preform, and create. With over 8 years combined experience in the disciplines of user experience design, interactive design & development, and visual design. I bring with me an emphasis on developing a user centered strategy and validating design decisions using data and research. By anticipating user needs, identifying business goals, and my deep understanding of technology I am able to determine practical solutions through all phases of the project cycle.

I hold a Bachelor of the Arts in Film and Digital Media from the University of California, Santa Cruz and have completed post graduate studies in Interaction Design at the University of California, Los Angeles. I am passionate about working with people and enjoy collaborating with technology teams. I tend to adhere to big picture concepts and admirably accomplish objectives while designing for a variety of users.  I place great value on learning, knowledge sharing, and cooperation. When not working or designing great interactive experiences I enjoy reading, surfing, and photography.



Michael is prompt, courteous, and friendly. He is able to jump into the middle of a large project and provide assistance quickly. He provided design skills in Illustrator as well as development using html and css for a large interactive initiative at Pepperdine. He was able to move the project forward by creating digital prototypes of web pages that were critical in our web development process. Overall, I recommend Michael for any role in an organization needing a designer/developer who is inquisitive and brings a fresh approach to the digital experience.

Ed Wheeler
Director of Interactive at Pepperdine University

Our home page and website were very dated looking and not mobile-friendly. We had been trying to come up with a fresh design for a couple of years and spent thousands of dollars on a large web design company that just didn’t come up with anything that worked for us. (Our users really want the 50+ issues links on our home page to be right there on the page, so we were limited in what we could do.)  We initially used Michael for emergency design work and he really impressed us. We had two weeks to bring our site into compliance with Google’s new “mobile friendly” criteria, and Michael came up with a cell phone design for our pro and con pages that worked, could be implemented in the time we had, and was a vast improvement over what we had before.  He then came up with great design changes for our home page, and was able to point us toward third parties that provided functionalities, fonts, testing, and so on, that we needed.

Jay Rakow
CEO of Procon.org

I was looking for someone to help me enhance my current website and was encouraged to reach out to Michael for his services. After our initial meeting he had a complete understanding of my vision for the site and executed all tasks promptly and efficiently. Michael often went above and beyond what was asked of him and had great suggests for ways I could go even further in creating a beautiful website. I highly recommend Michael for any web services you may need, hes a 10!

Emily Goldstein
CEO of EF Collection

Michael’s very personable approach makes it easy for me to share ideas with. He is not only very creative but also efficient. I have witnessed him modernize businesses in need of graphic design updates or e-commerce capabilities. A great guy to work with!

Spencer Breecker
Partner at Kauffman Sports Management Group

I hired Michael based on a personal recommendation to improve my company’s website. He has provided creative and interesting ideas to help improve the user experience and overall professionalism of my site. Based on my experience with Michael, I would continue working with him and recommend him to others.

Steve Bialek
CEO of Los Angeles Wine Company

Michael Mann is a great colleague. We worked together at the fast-paced, digital start-up StarGreetz, then a new online site providing entertainment content to social media sites, brands, and consumers. We both had very different jobs, but were reliant upon eachother. I developed the content that he would later ensure was delivered on time and in tact to websites and consumer. Michael was always thorough, detail-oriented, and handled his position seriously. I don’t think he even had a proper office, as many of the tech staff and interns didn’t at that point, but it didn’t stop him from concentrating and doing an excellent job. On top of that, he’s honest, kind, and respectful. I would recommend Michael for any position in which he has interest. I know he’ll give it his all.

Libby Kapur
Content Development, Acquisition & Multi-Platform Distribution